Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a joke?
This started out as a joke, but given the overwhelming response we’re now in discussions with professional dating app companies to try and make it a reality. We’ve a lot of interest from 3rd parties and are keen to hear from other potential partners.

2. Why did you start this?
What better way to cheer everyone up then helping them get out the house for dinner and a bottle of wine with another Remain voter. Also, the British motto is to keep calm and carry on. There hasn’t been much of that in the last few days, but maybe everyone just needs a good shag.

3. Do you envision successful ‘Remainder’ couples remaining in Britain or decamping to elsewhere in the EU?
We hope Remain couples will stay in Britain and reproduce quickly enough to tilt the balance in Remain’s favour.

4. In your opinion, what role do political beliefs play in a romantic relationship?
Political beliefs play a key role in a relationship. For example, in the traditional patriarchal household, the husband rants about politics while the wife listens, and then one day she runs off with someone who isn’t a tosser. Voting Remain says: I’m open minded, I don’t mind immigrants, and I might even take you to Paris one day.

5. Who are you?
We’re two ordinary voters who wanted to cheer everyone up after a dismal day.

6. Are relationships possible between Remain and Leave voters?
Relationships between Remain and Leave voters are possible, but it requires a lot of understanding. It’s like if one person is into role play.

7. When will the app/service be ready?
We did only have the idea on Friday after the vote, so you’ll have to bear with us a bit. But providing we continue to receive offers of support we’re confident it will be very soon.

8. Will you being using the site yourselves?
Our philosophy is never smoke your own supply. The prospect of Remain voters finding happiness is enough to warm our hearts.

9. Can people from outside the UK sign up
Foreign visitors wanting to meet an open-minded Brit can sign up on our international page. And holidays are super cheap now the pound has tanked.

10. What dating advice would you give to foreigners trying to pick up in the UK?
Our advice for foreigners wanting to date Brits is to make the first move. We get quite embarrassed about asking someone out for a date.